At KTC, we offer a wide range of products to suit even the needs of the most demanding market. Our product range associated with the principle companies are:

KLN Motor Agencies (P) Ltd

Chevrolet Sales India Private Ltd - Chevrolet Passenger Cars
Tata Motors Ltd - Light Commercial Vehicles
  KLN Automobiles (P) Ltd
Bajaj Auto Ltd - Two Wheelers
  Sree Vijayalakshmi Automobiles (P) Ltd
  Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Kailash Trading Corporation

Ester Industries Ltd - Nylon / PBT Compounds

Altuglas International
Gujarat Petrosynthese Limited - Custom made compounds
3V Sigma SpA Italy Specialty additives - UV / FR / Anti Oxidants
Ticona Engineering Polymers - LFRT / Celcon - M90, M270, M25 / Hostaform / Celanex 
Reliance Industries Ltd - Polypropylene / PVC
Bayer Material Science - PCABS Alloy / Polycarbonate - 2407 / 2856 / 2858
Bayer Malibu Polymers
LG Polymers India (P) Ltd - Polystyrene
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